At Embella Home, we have a passion to give you inspiration for your spaces — inspiration that leads to making that special corner of your room cozier.  Or, simply creating a space that just makes you smile as you walk by. This is ultimately my goal in decorating my own home. I love to create rooms that have character and make you feel good when you’re in them. Many of the stores that I have decorated my home with over the years, I continue to shop at, primarily because they continue to provide inspiration. That’s what we want to be for you at Embella Home. Inspiration. We want to be that place where you can go to grab an idea or concept for your space. Simply put, just that thing that makes your room complete and ultimately makes YOU smile.

We are developing and handpicking products that give style, charm and functionality to your space. So, whatever your decorating recipe may be; traditional, modern, shabby chic or art deco, our products will fit beautifully into your space. Please keep checking back as we are continually adding new products. We promise to keep our site fresh and new and, of course, always inspiring.


Michele Huff